Quality, food safety, traceability and durability. That is what we stand for!


CPCC is the Concertation Platform for the Processing of arable Crops and horticulture products.
Together with Agrofront and Landbouw-Service vzw, CPCC takes care of developing the Vegaplan Standard for Vegetable Production and the Vegaplan Standard for Contract Work respectively.

CPCC was founded on 6 July 2005.
Its object is to contribute to the development of food safety and quality assurance systems in the chain of the vegetable sector through:

  • The study, development and promotion of positions concerning food safety and quality assurance systems, including common positions of its members that authorise the organisation to represent them.
  • Consultations with the various subsectors in the chain of the vegetable sector.
  • Consultations with the other links in the food chain and the government, without taking the place of its members.
  • Consultations with the developers of other systems with an eye to achieving exchangeability.
  • Providing information and service to its members.

CPCC has the following members:

  • Belgapom (trade in and processing of potatoes)
  • Bemefa (association of Mixed Feed Manufacturers)
  • Synagra (trade in cereal crops)
  • Cefi Belgium (processing of chicory)
  • KVBM (Royal Association of Belgian Millers)
  • Fresh Trade Belgium (trade in fruit and vegetables)
  • Subel (association of Belgian sugar producers)
  • Vegebe (trade and processing of industrial vegetables)
  • VBT (Association of Belgian Horticultural Cooperatives)