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The Vegaplan Standard scores "Gold" in the benchmark with SAI's sustainability evaluation tool. The "Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA)" tool was developed to assess the sustainability of an agriculture or horticultural farms and includes 112 control points. It covers various environnemental, social and economic aspects. The tool was designed by the " Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI)". This initiative was set up in 2002 by some major companies and currently has 100 members from the food and drink industry worldwide. 

In 2017, Vegaplan achieved the "Gold" score for arable crops (beets, potatoes, chicory, cereals and industrial vegetables). In 2019, the benchmark was further extended to the scope fresh fruit and vegetables. The Vegaplan Standard covers 100% of the 'essential' and 'basic' requirements and 79% of the 'advanced' requirements. This excellent result shows the added value of the Vegaplan Standard as an instrument to guarantee the sustainability of vegetable products and raw materials.